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Beginners’ workout plan to do at home

It’s time for workout, but, time is what you lack… Most of the time. You want to go to the gym, however, it is not always a good time, you are tired, your boss yelled at you, you are hungry, and many more excuses just not to do it.

But have you ever considered working out at home, in your living room, or in your bedroom? It is quite easy actually, but even if you want to do this at home, you will still require discipline and persistence, because even at home you might find an excuse not to do it. Make your plan on how to do it, and stick to it, no matter what try and find at least 20 minutes every second day, it is a very good start, and enough so you can say you are trying to make a change.

Why is working out at home a good option?

There are many advantages when working out at home:

  • You don’t need any equipment
  • You don’t have a schedule, 15-20 minutes whenever you decide
  • 3-4 days weekly is enough for results, in burning fat, and gaining muscle mass
  • You don’t need a personal trainer, the exercises are easy and everyone can do them by themselves
  • Use everything at home, every piece of furniture can be your workout device
  • Do it as comfortable as you please, in pajamas, or even bare naked (although not recommended)

Few simple rules to workout at home

Other than discipline, there are not many rules you have to oblige, but please do stick to the ones below, they can be the difference of good results to no results:

  • Stick to the plan, choose 3 days of the week (for starts), and do it as planned, no backing up
  • Keep a diary, count the reps, and write them down. Making a schedule with the exercises and table of reps will give you a good picture of how you’re doing
  • Always rest after a cycle, but no longer than 30 seconds for short rounds, and no longer than 1 minute after a long round
  • Try and increase the number of reps after each week, and write it down, there is no bigger stimulation than that of seeking your own progress written down
  • Don’t eat at least 30 minutes before practice, and never eat during. Water will do you just fine.

The workout plan

Here is a list of exercises you have to go with for at least four weeks, try and go with the plan:

  • 10 push-ups (or knee push up)
  • 10 walking lunges (right and left)
  • 20 squats
  • 10 dumbbell rows (if you don’t have any weights, use any ball)
  • 20-sec plank
  • 30 Jumping jacks

Do the exercises with small or even better, no breaks in-between. But don’t force it, if you get too tired, it is best to take a break instead of doing the exercises incorrectly. If you do the round and feel like you can do more, go for another one, and afterward, another one again.

Before you begin, it is important to warm up and stretch, and try to avoid an early injury (another possible excuse). Because you won’t be able to run to warm up, you can jump rope, or run in place (or mountain climber is even better), do punches and kicks, it would be enough to get you ready to start.

The routine is welcomed to be executed 3 times per week, with a pause day after the workout day (no consecutive workout days).

This workout might seem boring, but stick to the plan and do it for at least 4 weeks, you’re bound to get results. Plus, at home, there are tons of ways to make it more fun. For example, use the kitchen cabinet to lean on them and do elevated push-ups, or use the sofa for assisted squats (yes, hold on the sofa as for an assistant), and be creative, nobody will judge you, cause you’re at home!

Nutrition help

You have to eat good and proper if you want results, lose weight and gain some muscle. Natural whole-grain with low-fat meat, and a lot of veggies and fruits, low-fat milk, yogurt, eggs and a lot of rice, you’ll need carbs and proteins in a very well balanced diet. Skip all the sodas, alcohol, cigarettes (normally), and stay away from deep-fried and fast food as far as you can.

The goal in starting with this beginner’s guide is to find a way to like the exercises, and then after a while, you should aim for more. Using dumbbells after a few months is an excellent idea, and when your body adapts to a working out routine, there is rarely a way back. You will start running in the morning and working out more and more, and longer too, and before you know it you will have an amazing and healthy body. Stick to the routine, and this is a promise!

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