Testosterone is a vital hormone that allows the body to grow and repair, it is integral if you are working out to build muscle as it plays a major role in protein synthesis which provides your muscles with Protein, as you could’ve probably guessed. As you get older your body’s testosterone level naturally declines, but sometimes your testosterone production can decline than average rate which can result in a low testosterone level in your body. Low testosterone has recently become a common topic of older men and men who suffer from it. With symptoms like: erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, continuous fatigue, low libido and hair loss we feel that though it may be slightly exaggerated by some companies it is still a topic that should be discussed. Especially, in men aged 30 and older as their testosterone levels will naturally decline as they get older.

Exercise and testosterone

Testosterone can be naturally boosted through a number of natural ways and perhaps the most effective way to increase testosterone levels is exercise. Increased muscle mass has been shown to equal higher testosterone levels in men and an increased testosterone level will allow the body to build muscle even faster. Making working out the ultimate win-win activity if you struggle from low T. It is also worth mentioning that some testosterone support supplements can help to raise testosterone and build muscle fast by providing the body with nutrients and vitamins.

Compound exercises are an integral part of most training programs and can be incorporated alongside isolated exercises on weight machines to build great lean muscle mass with less work due to them working a combination of muscles rather than single muscle movements from isolation exercises. Though isolation movements are still an important part of exercise programs, compound movements with their wide range of movements can be a great way of targeting multiple muscles. Compound exercises provide greater muscle mass and lean muscle building, which we now know is ideal for testosterone production since larger muscle mass equates to more testosterone production and leaner muscle reduces testosterone inhibiting factors like cortisol.

What is a compound movement?

Compound movements are multi-joint exercises that target multiple muscles or muscle groups at once. There are a range of compound exercises with the dead lift and squat being the two most well-known. Both of these exercises are classed as compound movements because they work a combination of different muscle groups I.e. legs, lower back, quadriceps, traps, forearms, glutes. The combination of these different muscles being worked out result in a massive increase in strength and testosterone levels.

Here are some exercises you can do which will help you to maintain a high testosterone level.


An excellent exercise for strength and muscle building this therefore also makes it an excellent exercise to massively boost your testosterone. This workout is a great way to build your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.


A great way to build lower back, traps, hamstrings, glutes and forearms, plus you feel like a beast after doing a heavy set. It is important you practise your form before lifting heavy weights on this exercise to avoid injury.

Clean and Press

This is a technical exercise but essentially you need to do a deadlift and use the motion to lift the bar to your shoulders, then you lift the bar extending your arms upwards to complete the movement.

Shoulder press

The latter part of the previous exercise, Personally I prefer to perform this exercise standing up and using a bar. However, it can be performed using dumbbells and whilst sitting down. Again, another testosterone booster.


So, hopefully this article has taught you a bit more about testosterone, how exercise can boost your testosterone levels and provided you with examples of what compound movement are effective at boosting your testosterone.