As a parent, there are many problems you can encounter when trying to admin your drug addict son into rehab. It is not an easy process. And the whole process gets more complicated when the person you intend to admit, your son, is not willing to go to rehab or consider any other options for recovery. It is crucial that you take proper care when speaking to your son as you try to convince him to get admitted to a rehabilitation center. In most instances, what you say and do matter a lot and is what greatly affect his willingness to get treatment. You want to encourage teenage sober living Los Angeles therapy, help him explore the treatment options, and even prepare them for rehabilitation.

As the parent, you will have to be there for your son all the way. That is the only way he will successfully get into and even complete the program. No parent feels good watching his/her son struggle with drug addiction. And it gets worse when the son refuses to get any help for the addiction. You should, however, not give up just yet. Your son’s refusal to get help is not the end of the rope. You only need to be persistent and hope it plays in your favor, and he gets the help he deserves. Here are some of the tactics you can use as the parent to get your son to join a drug rehabilitation center for treatment.

Encourage treatment

The moment you notice your son is a drug addict, act fast and intervene immediately. Intervention becomes more difficult the more the addiction worsens. So, the earlier, the better. Develop a good plan that you will use to intervene and prevent the situation from getting worse. Remember, the more you wait, the more harm your son may be getting himself into, depending on the addiction severity and specific circumstances.

Approach your son and talk to him about the situation. Try and explain to him the importance of embracing men’s sober living. Social support from family members and friends is also crucial for the process. Your son will need all the help and support he can get especially from the people he cares about and care for him. You also want to be careful not to make it look like you are threatening his freedom of choice. So:

  • Do not criticize or judge him
  • Avoid any arguments especially ones touching on the addiction problem
  • Help him make the right decisions. Be careful not to force anything on him

Do not lose hope

As the parent, it is also vital that you never give up on your son. Remember, thousands of people are also in the same situation. Thousands more have also gone through it and come out successful. So, do not give up no matter how tough it gets for both you and your son. This ride is going to be very rough and bumpy. Often, you find that people who join and complete rehabilitation treatments do so because their family members or friends never gave up on them. As the parent, you have no option but to be the person who sticks around even when things take a turn for the worse. Very rarely do you hear of cases where an addict got through an addiction on his/her own. So, be there for your son and support him throughout the entire time.