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Testosterone and compound movements

Testosterone is a vital hormone that allows the body to grow and repair, it is integral if you are working out to build muscle as it plays a major role in protein synthesis which provides your muscles with Protein, as you could’ve probably guessed. As you get older your body’s testosterone level naturally declines, but sometimes your testosterone production can decline than average rate which can result in a low testosterone level in your body. Low testosterone has recently become a common topic of older men and men who suffer from it. With symptoms like: erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, continuous fatigue, low libido and hair loss we feel that though it may be slightly exaggerated by some companies it is still a topic that should be discussed. Especially, in men aged 30 and older as their testosterone levels will naturally decline as they get older.

Exercise and testosterone

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How does getting enough sleep affect your overall fitness?

If you work out regularly, then you will be well aware of the impact of what you do in the gym or at home on your fitness. You will no doubt have spent lots of time developing the perfect exercise plan to achieve the fitness goals you are after and get healthier. While this is obviously important, all your hard work will be undone if you are not getting enough sleep.

Sleep has a massive impact on fitness and vice versa. Even if you do not exercise regularly, sleep will still play a major role in how healthy you are overall. With this in mind, it is therefore vital to understand how central sleep is to staying as fit as you can.

How does sleep affect fitness?

This may surprise you, but a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 30% of people in the Read the rest

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