Eyelash is important to make your eyes look more beautiful. However, the use of eyelash curler, eyelash extension, and so on will make your eyelashes gradually become damaged and fall out. So, this time we will explain about eyelash serum that can make your eyelashes longer and healthier.

Various well-known brands such as the Careprost eyelash enhancer serum here to meet your needs for dense and dense lashes. Therefore, let us explain how to choose eyelash serum and provide the best product recommendations of our choice. Come on, make your lashes more healthy and beautiful!

How to choose an eyelash serum

When choosing an eyelash serum, what should be your consideration? If you don’t know, we will explain 4 important points to remember when you want to buy an eyelash serum.

Choose based on the shape

Broadly speaking, eyelash serum is divided into 3 forms, namely brush pen type, mascara brush type, and chip type. This form is differentiated based on the way the serum fluid is applied to the eye. Because each has different features, choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Brush pen type, easy to apply to the eyelash root

This form of eyelash serum has a thin brush tip like a pen. How to use it is just as if you were drawing eyeliner on your eyes. Thanks to the thin brush tip, you can apply the serum evenly in all parts.

Using this type of eyelash serum will give you ease when applying it to the roots of the lashes. However, on the contrary, you will have a little trouble when you want to apply it on the tip of the lashes. Because the brush is soft, of course, the risk of making eye irritation becomes smaller.

The type of mascara brush nourishes and flexes the lashes together

You must be familiar with its shape like a mascara brush. In addition, those of you who are accustomed to using mascara will definitely not have trouble using this type of serum. By applying the serum using this brush, the serum can be spread evenly from the roots to the ends of the lashes. Plus, your lashes will be raised more and look more pliable.

However, you must be careful when using it because you can accidentally rub it too deep so that it hits your eyes. This can cause your eyes to become irritated. In addition, this type of brush cannot reach the deepest part of the lashes like the brush pen type can do.

Chip type, the rounded tip which facilitates the use

This type of chip is a spongy brush shape that we often see in lipstick or lip gloss. With the characteristics of rounded edges, you can easily apply your eyelash serum.

This type of weakness is that you have difficulty regulating the amount of serum fluid you want to apply. This can cause serum fluid to enter the eye due to too much sticking to the brush tip.

Of the three types that we have explained, there are actually other types such as comb types or those that are smeared directly with the fingers. Since each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose what you think is the easiest to use.

Check the ingredients contained in it

In eyelash serum, there are ingredients that can make eyelashes stay healthy, including moisturizing ingredients. Examples of moisturizing ingredients contained in many serum products are hyaluronic acid and polyquaternium-51, while those that contain tocopherol acetate will also be beneficial for your skin.

Now many eyelash serums are added to the hair growth content, making your eyelashes thicker and longer. With this content, your lashes will become denser and denser. But you need to know, eyelash serum is different from eyelash tonic. However, you are advised to buy a product that serves to nourish and stretch lashes at once rather than choosing a product that has only one function.

So, pay attention to the ingredients contained when you want to buy an eyelash serum. It is best if the product you use can moisturize and grow lashes at once so that your lashes are healthy and strong.

Also, check product safety

Eyelash serum is a product that is in direct contact with the eye. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing and make sure the product is declared safe to use. If the product is safe, you can prevent the risk of irritation or even blindness in your eyes. Serums that accidentally enter the eyes can indeed cause red eyes, but if you wash them clean with running water, that won’t be a problem.

If you want to check the safety of a product, check whether there is a sign from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) in the statement. Also avoid products that contain parabens, artificial coloring, artificial fragrances, and so on.

Since the eye is a sensitive part of the body, check whether the serum you want to buy contains dangerous ingredients.

Choose based on price

It should be acknowledged, the use of eyelash serum does not look instant results. In fact, you should use it regularly every day. Although there are many ingredients that are good for your lashes, it will certainly burden you if the price is expensive. Maybe you are thinking about working around it by using less. But that will result in not having all your eyelashes smeared perfectly.

Therefore, to be able to use eyelash serum every day, affordable prices will be an important point to consider. Now there are many eyelash serums at affordable prices, so enter prices as your consideration in addition to materials, safety, and models.

Look for eyelash serum that has the best ingredients at affordable prices.