Cosmeticsurgery procedures can actually enhance your appearance, boost your overallconfidence and also include several choices. The most vital choice that youhave to make is to choose the best cosmetic surgeon who has had enoughexperience in the type of surgery that you’re going to undergo. The trick is toworking with a highlyexperienced plastic surgeon who has had several years of experience of working as a plastic surgeon.

Suppose you’re someone who is all set to do a facelift surgery, would you hire a surgeon who has been always been revered for breast augmentation surgery? Never! So, what are the few realistic expectations that you should set? Read on.

What will take place when I reach the hospital?

The doctor will ask you to meet him at least 2 hours before the surgery and there will be a registered nurse who will greet you. Before you are shifted to the OT, you will be asked to change into a gown and you will also have to remove all kinds of jewelry, hearing aids or wig, if you have one. A nurse will be there to check your body temperature, your heart rate, your pulse and blood pressure. The nurse will place an IV line through your arm so that the doctor can push in any fluid that he wants through.

Who are the ones waiting to be included in the surgical team?

If you’re new to plastic surgery, you have to understand the fact that the nurses and doctors usually work hand in hand to ensure everything is running pretty smoothly. Here are few doctors who are a ‘Must’!

  • Surgeon: This is the doctor who is going to lead the team and who will also operate if there is a need to do so. Surgeons require completing 4 years of medical school and the one whom you choose should be aware of this procedure or type.
  • Anaesthesiologist: This is a doctor who is ultimately more talented than the surgeon. The anaesthetist will make the process of surgery quick and painless.
  • Surgical tech: The tech team will set up all sorts of tools which the surgeon will utilize and make ensure that they’re all sterile.

Once the surgery is complete, the nurse will check the rate of your heart and he will also check the bandaged area which includes the place where the operation has been done. The nurse may also ask the patient to clear her lungs and take deep breaths.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can set realistic expectations from cosmetic surgeons, what are you waiting for?